"Together, let's build a home like no home we’ve known, one that provides and supports unconditionally, like mother to child."- Guardian Angel

We provide special needs children and adults (aka "Guardian Angels") with education, training, and a community (parents, siblings, interns, volunteers, therapists, and coaches) that empowers. We are here because every Angel deserves the opportunity to learn, grow and be successful.

What We Do

Community Integration Training

CIT teaches Angels the skills to integrate into society and safely go out on one’s own, such as crossing the street, going to the market, socializing, etc.

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After School Program (Coming Up!)

The After-School Program adapts to Angels’ ability to learn and enhances their growth by emphasizing teamwork, hands-on coordination, academic learning and extracurricular activities.

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City Parks Program

The City Program teaches Angels social skills, and provides adaptive exercise opportunities, including stretching, aerobics, basketball, and more.

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Other Programs (Coming Up!)

Classess will include Zumba, Health & Wellness, Workplace Training, ASL, Cooking, Basic Needs, Arts & Crafts and more!

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Our Impact


Children Helped


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"Angels can fly
because they take themselves lightly."

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